CEO Moreen


Moreen Gatwiri, CEO of African Grandmothers

My name is Moreen.

I am seventeen years old and in Form Three at the Kenya High School.

My hobbies are playing football, watching films and listening to music.

I am industrious and always working for the best in all I engage in. I am future oriented, passionately dedicated to achieve the best in all I do. I am a team builder, organized enough to associate with people well, with the aim of bringing out the best, and striving to be cooperative and respectful to everyone despite the age and position of the person.

I also strongly stand against injustice, corruption, and gender inequality and wish to bring up a platform for equality and equity for all.

Moreover, having been brought up by my grandmother, I have learnt to be confident, determined, and to uphold good character such as obedience and honesty and to continuously sharpen my life skills and dream big despite my background.

Below are perspectives on the importance of grandmother stories by my fellow Akili Dada Scholarship recipient high school students.




Elders are a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom.

And truth be said most of the people with this knowledge are not going to be there in just but a few years’ time. That is why it is important this information to be collected right now and be documented so that in years to come we will not be stuck in darkness due to lack of knowledge.

This is why it is very crucial for Moreen to go ahead and gather these stories especially from our Kenyan grandmothers who are always more than willing to share them and this will go over and above to save the current and the forthcoming generations and enlighten them on different past issues which otherwise they might never get to know about.

It is so sad to realize that most young people especially those living in town do not have any knowledge about their communities and most especially about their cultures. But we cannot put all the blame on them neither can we put it on their parents. This is because most young people get information from books and the media which most of the time does not focus on getting information from these old legends.

This gives Moreen credit to go ahead and get this information from the grandmothers and even go further and put it in the social media and write it in books for the young people to access it since most of them like reading articles and watching videos in the social media.

Faith Keli

Nairobi, Kenya



Why Grandmother Stories Are Important

Demystifying myths may seem like a step towards changing our society and adapting to the changing circumstances.

Technology has evolved and continues to evolve thus what we, the millennial must evolve with is. The question is, do we have to lose the rich culture that was once so dear to us? My opinion is that people need to have a deep understanding of their culture, not just the shallow facts from the books we read in school.

Grandmothers need to tell their stories and educate the youth on the values that they should uphold. Lack of this might probably be the reason why most of the youth are losing their way.

I believe in embracing our rich cultures because that is what sets us apart as individuals. People will therefore not strive to be photocopies of celebrities, but develop their own brand. This cultural diversity is beautiful and acts as a learning platform.

The stories told by our grandmothers are also a form of entertainment that children should be exposed to. This does not only take these children off the TVs and their play stations, but also creates a greater bond between them and their grandparents.

There is really no such greater and long lasting bond.

Moreen has taken a very unique path towards creating social change.

The project is outstanding and is able to change the lives of members of the community as a whole. It is therefore important for her to tell the stories of our grandmothers to ensure preservation of our history and also give each individual a sense of belonging.

Individuals can resonate with such experience and learn much more than is offered in the books.

Lilian Karange

Nairobi, Kenya




The Value of Grandmother Stories

It is clear that our traditions and cultures are slowly dying off.

The wise men once said that one cannot know where he is going unless he knows where he came from. It is important therefore to follow up with the past histories else we lose it completely. This can only be done by acquiring knowledge from those who know what happened in the past. Grandmothers therefore are the most powerful resources.

It very important for me to tell the stories of Kenyan grandmothers’ in order to let the current and even the coming generation know what happened in the past. It is also important in the analysis and comparison of events that happened in the past and activities that are currently happening.

Grandmothers’ stories are also important because in the event of storytelling, they give their own views on how they think the society should behave. Interacting with grandmothers enables one to understand ones origin and how different tribes came to existence. It might be a bit challenging to understand all this because different grandmothers believe in different theories.

In my own perception, letting grandmothers tell their own stories gives them a feeling of existence in the modern society where things are done absolutely differently from their days. It also shows that their help is still needed in order to fix and mend immorality that is currently happening in our societies. I believe that our grandmothers are of great importance in the society and they ought to be given space to give their stories.

Mercy Jemutal

Nairobi, Kenya



Grandmother Story Legacies

Someone once said where their grandmothers story ends theirs begin.

As I tried to view this in terms generation it truly makes sense.

Where one generation’s story ends another begins.

How do I see this project of having grandmothers stories recorded is in the content the stories will have, the wisdom in stories makes the difference we surely need in our community and country at large. From their views on leadership, lifestyle, technology and much more that has changed.

The stories add the legacy which we are all part of, they will help us define who we are as family, tribes and Kenyans. They will also ensure that future generations understand what make the grandmothers special and different from them.

With stories people often end up telling what they did not expect to and in the process they create and share a spark in the darkness – a kernel of trust that exists inside their own experiences and this helps in deciding on how better we want to be.

I do agree that the stories may not provide the answers in search for personal and political transformation, democracy and social justices, but, what is gained through this collection of the stories is important in understanding how and why change happens.

They connect issues providing a deeper and more nuanced understanding and in the end this experience provides a catalyst for social action. All this will make everything change for the better especially for our country, Kenya. If anything, how else can we utilize the wisdom of this people if not from having their stories told and learn what they think about concerning different issues.


Nairobi, Kenya