• AG Portrait 2

    Grandmother Drawings by Sarah

    African Grandmother drawings by artist Sarah Weitzman                

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  • ShiirinG

    Karim’s Grandmother

    Forward by Paola Gianturco It is possible that the stereotypical “grandmother” never existed? For many people in the Global North, the word calls up the image of a wrinkled, bespectacled, irrelevant old woman in a rocking chair. Perhaps she is crocheting something useless like an …

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  • AKT Home

    Shannon’s Grandmother

    Below are my grandmother’s responses to my interview. — Shannon The opportunities for women differ today from when I was in high school and college in that there are far more of them to choose from. When I was applying to colleges, many colleges were still …

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  • Kenya 2

    Moreen’s Grandmother

    During the August, 2016 holiday, I interviewed my grandmother. This is what she had to say on different issues: I asked her what she thinks about education and she said: “Education makes somebody and without it, you are regarded a nobody in the society”. Her …

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