Kenya 2

Moreen’s Grandmother


During the August, 2016 holiday, I interviewed my grandmother.

This is what she had to say on different issues:

I asked her what she thinks about education and she said:

“Education makes somebody and without it, you are regarded a nobody in the society”.

Her advice was that everyone who has a chance to get to school should take the opportunity to better herself.

I also asked her the difference between the youths of today and the youths of her time.

Her answer was that she sees there is moral erosion and a lack of principles amongst today’s young people; where they want to fit in rather than stand out.

She also pointed out bad company as a factor leading to moral erosion and indiscipline.

She shared her thoughts on gender inequality; her take being that men are not and have never been superior to women because both genders have similar abilities. She feels that the issue of promoting gender equality should be taken seriously.

I also enquired on the reasons why she thinks there is no development in the community, and her view was that the foundation that was started by the elderly people has lost continuation, since they don’t take challenges hence they fail to motivate themselves to bring the needed challenge.