Chyah’s Quilting

Chyah’s African Grandmother Quilting Project


The African Grandmothers of the Nyaka Orphan’s Project

The Quilting Project for African Grandmothers is an initiative of the Pencils for Africa (PFA) educational program, which serves to raise awareness of African culture, history, economy and environment for middle school students in California and former PFA middle school students now in high school. This project was inspired by the example of two of the PFA Executive Board members, “Grandmother Power” author Paola Gianturco and CNN Hero Jackson Kaguri.

The 20 quilts will be produced by a community of volunteer sewers which will include some sewing and hand prints from members of the middle school PFA Editorial Team.


We are very excited about the fact that these 20 quilts will provide much needed comfort to the Nyaka Grandmothers in Uganda. These noble and selfless volunteer African Grandmothers have for years, nurtured the Nyaka Orphans Project children from the trauma of losing their parents through disease and civil war, and helped to integrate these children back into the school system so that they can have bright and promising futures. These lovely African Grandmothers are part of the essential supportive ‘village’ that raises these children in Uganda.


Chyah and her fellow quilter Louise began by purchasing the fabrics…


Here is Louise with a sample from a previous quilt project with hand patterns…


Nicolas, CEO of OPPC making personalized hand patterns for the quilts…


Here is Nicolas working with Shannon, the CEO of Girl Smart Africa


Colin, the CEO of Unscramble for Africa also lends a hand…


Community Effort: Nicolas, Shannon and Colin after working on the handprints…