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Shannon’s Grandmother


Shannon Sutherland’s Grandmother

Below are my grandmother’s responses to my interview.



The opportunities for women differ today from when I was in high school and college in that there are far more of them to choose from. When I was applying to colleges, many colleges were still ‘male only’ and did not accept women. Women often went to ‘women only’ colleges.

When a woman got out of college many businesses would only hire her for clerical work – for instance as a secretary and many women became teachers because that was a profession open to them and it was mostly women. Now women can go to any college they are able to get into and can compete for any job they want. It is not perfect but much better than it used to be.

I would like to see the trend continue with the addition of more equal pay and promotion to the highest levels and more sharing of the work involved in caring for a home and family.

Society is more open and accepting of people who are different.

On the other hand, much of modern culture is trashy, superficial and often insulting to women.

The language is often coarse and vulgar.

People’s command of the English language and basic math is often at a low level.


Shannon Sutherland